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Ranking the Best Programs of the Decade

College basketball has not disappointed this decade. Unlike most professional sports, especially in the postseason, upsets always occur and the unexpected begins to be expected. However, there have been programs that have powerhouses in the 2010’s, and have tattooed their name into college basketball’s blue bloods. In honor of the decade coming to a close, we will count down the

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Who Is the Top Coach of This Decade?

I took the 9 most well respected and known coaches this decade and looked at their individual and team success. Read below to see how the nine rank from the ninth-best coach this decade to the top. 9) Jim Boeheim- Syracuse Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 17 Tournament Wins, 2x Final Four Cons: 1 Regular-Season Champion, 0x Conference Champion, 252

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CBB Review 2019 Week Nine Rankings

Team (Total Votes) (First Place Votes) Gonzaga (200) (8) Duke (188) Oregon (182) Kansas (182) Baylor (166) Louisville (149) Ohio State (149) Auburn (140) Memphis (126) Villanova (122) Butler (111) Michigan (103) San Diego State (102) Kentucky (89) Maryland (85) West Virginia (82) Michigan State (77) Dayton (71) Virginia (64) Florida State (59) Penn State (39) Texas Tech (25) Iowa (18) Wichita

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Matty Brackets – 12/27/19

Check out Mat Mlodzinski’s bracket, now on Bracket Matrix! Bolded teams are projected as an auto-bid. WEST Gonzaga, 13-1 Auburn, 11-0 Virginia, 9-2 Michigan, 9-3 Florida State, 10-2 Xavier, 11-2 San Diego State, 12-0 North Carolina, 7-5 DePaul, 12-1 Stanford, 11-1 Illinois, 8-4 VCU, 9-3 / USC, 10-2 Louisiana Tech, 9-3 Arkansas State, 9-3 New Mexico State, 8-6 UC Riverside, 7-5

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CBB Review 2019 Week Eight Rankings

Team (Total Votes) (First Place Votes) Gonzaga (249) (9) Ohio State (226) (1) Louisville (226) Duke (215) Oregon (206) Kansas (203) Baylor (190) Auburn (171) Memphis (164) Villanova (140) Butler (134) Michigan (126) Maryland (122) Michigan State (120) San Diego State (112) Virginia (106) Dayton (102) Florida State (86) Kentucky (68) Washington (56) Penn State (49) West Virginia (36) Arizona (35) Texas Tech

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Takeaways from the Crossroads Classic

For Indiana, basketball reigns supreme. The Crossroads Classic is a time for bragging rights when the top in-state schools come together to compete in the home of the Indiana Pacers. Indiana, Purdue, Butler, and Notre Dame programs with a combined 122 NCAA tournament appearances and 14 trips the to Final Four add that to Indiana’s five National Championships and the

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#5 Ohio State defeats #6 Kentucky Recap

Credit: Eleven Warriors What a finish for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they defeat the Kentucky Wildcats 71-65.  Coming into this game, the Buckeyes were ranked #5 and the Wildcats were ranked #6. A matchup doesn’t get any closer than this. Aside from the Champions Classic in the beginning of the season, this was the first real opponent that the

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