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How Will a National Championship Affect Recruiting for Virginia?

In his tenure at Virginia, Tony Bennett has been known for finding hidden talent and turning that talent into a premier ACC player. These players usually come out of high school as a three star recruit, sometimes even a two star. In the past few years, Bennett has begun to recruit some bigger names, going after four stars and even

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Ranking the 10 Best JuCo Transfers in This Upcoming Season

What makes college sports so entertaining, particularly college basketball, is the endless cycle of incoming players. Every season, college hoops brings in electric freshman who dominate at the college level for one year and head off to the NBA. However, these players are young, and their age is often seen by poor judgement, lack of leadership, etc. What is often

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Can Virginia Cut the Nets In Minneapolis?

After 10 years as head coach for Virginia, Tony Bennett finally cracked the Final Four with a dramatic 5 point win over Purdue. Virginia enters Minneapolis as the highest remaining seed and the only 1 seed, looking to bring the University its first basketball  national championship in its long history. ESPN’s Basketball Power Index gives Virginia a 52% chance to

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