• The PAC’s Finest 12

    As of late, the PAC-12 has struggled as a conference in regards to tournament success. However, by no means does this imply that the PAC-12 was not a strong conference

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  • 2018 Duke Blue Devils vs. 2018 New York Knicks

    One of the most talented college basketball teams against a tanking professional team. Who wins? Starting lineups: Duke had the top three recruits coming into the 2018-2019 college basketball campaign.

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  • Top Big East Must-See TV

    Earlier today the Big East revealed their 2019-2020 conference schedule. The Big East has lots of high hopes this season to return back to the top as one of the

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  • Big East All-Time Team

    The Big East is a conference with a rich history in great players and coaches. Here’s what an all-time team for this storied conference might look like. Starting Five: Point

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  • Matty Brackets – July 2019

    MIDWEST: Michigan State North Carolina Villanova Virginia Providence BYU UCLA North Carolina State Texas Auburn Syracuse / Temple Liberty New Mexico State Harvard Bowling Green Wright State East: Kentucky Maryland

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  • CBB Review Too Early Top 25 (June 2019)

    Team (Total Votes) (First Place Votes) Michigan State (197) (6) Kentucky (182) (1) Duke (181) (1) Kansas (159) Maryland (156) Louisville (154) North Carolina (143) Villanova (138) Virginia (132) Memphis (124) Gonzaga (121) Texas

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Bracketology and Rankings

The big day is here!

Selection sundayMarch 17, 2019
The big day is here.