I took the 9 most well respected and known coaches this decade and looked at their individual and team success. Read below to see how the nine rank from the ninth-best coach this decade to the top.

9) Jim Boeheim- Syracuse

Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 17 Tournament Wins, 2x Final Four

Cons: 1 Regular-Season Champion, 0x Conference Champion, 252 Wins, 102 Losses, 0x National Championship Game, 0x National Champion

Boeheim is a great coach and the coach of the year and final fours are incredible accomplishments. Unfortunately, the rest of his accolades don’t compare to the other eight coaches.

8) Tom Izzo- Michigan State

Pros: 21 Tournament Wins, 3x Final Four, 4x Regular Season championships (T-6), 4x Conference Champion

Cons: 270 Wins, 95 Losses, 0x National Championship Game, 0x National Champion, 0x Coach of the Year

This may seem like a surprise, but the lack of national championship appearances really hurts Izzo.

7) Tony Bennett- Virginia

Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 1x National Champion, 4x Regular Season Champion

Cons: 13 Tournament Wins, 1 Final Four, 2x Conference Champion, 254 Wins, 89 Losses

The National Championship and Coach of the Year are the only things that put him above Izzo, but he is the most recent winner and could be much higher on the list next decade.

6) Jay Wright- Villanova

Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 2x National Champion, 5x Regular Season Champion, 4x Conference Champion, 84 Losses

Cons: 17 Tournament Wins, 260 Wins

This was very difficult considering he is one of two coaches this decade to win 2 national championships, however as shown the rest of the seasons he was 7th out of the 9 coaches in tournament wins and total wins.

5) Mark Few- Gonzaga

Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 9x Regular Season Champion, 8x Conference Champion, 307 Wins, 55 Losses

Cons: 20 Tournament Wins, 1 Final Four, 1 National Championship, 0x National Champion

If Few coached in a better conference, the resume can easily make a case for the coach of the decade. However, the level of competition hurts and the lack of a national championship puts him here.

4) Bill Self- Kansas

Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 305 Wins, 9x Regular Season Champion, 24 Tournament Wins, 5x Conference Champion, 66 Losses

Cons: 0x National Champion, 1x National Championship

The Big 12 Regular Season Title is beyond impressive, however, the 0 championships can’t compete with the top three on this list

3) Roy Williams- UNC

Pros: 1x National Champion, 2x National Championship, 24 Tournament Wins, 5x Regular Season Champion, 277 Wins

Cons: 0x Coach of the Year, 1 Conference Champion, 96 Losses

The back to back national championship appearances really boosted Williams, but losses really hurt his chance of making the Top 2.

2) Mike Krzyzewski- Duke

Pros: 2x National Champion, 26 Tournament Wins, 2x National Championship, 4x Conference Champion, 299 Wins, 70 Losses

Cons: 1x Regular Season Champion, 0x Coach of the Year

Coach K had many great years with the Blue Devils, hoisting the championship trophy twice. At 72 years old, this might be the last full decade we have of Coach K.

1) John Calipari- Kentucky

Pros: 1x Coach of the Year, 1x National Champion, 31 Tournament Wins, 4 Final Fours, 305 Wins, 70 Losses, 6x Regular Season Champion, 6x Conference Champion

Cons: 1 NIT appearance

Calipari dominated this decade, easily taking the crown. We’ll see what’s in store for him in the 2020s.





Image via SI.com