Red Scare

After a shocking upset in the second round last year, the Red Scare looks to put on a show at home and assert themselves as one of TBT’s best.

The Dayton alumni-based squad was shocked by the ten seed last year as the two seed, but as the three seed this year and the hometown team they are destined to do even more. This team has a good balance of youth and experience, which will make it hard to beat this Red Scare team.

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Current Roster:

  • C.J Walker (Ohio State & Florida State)
  • Darrell Davis (Dayton)
  • Joe Thomasson Jr. (Wright State)
  • Jordan Sibert (Ohio State & Dayton)
  • Josh Cunningham (Bradley & Dayton)
  • Kosta Koufos (Ohio State)
  • Ryan Mikesell (Dayton)
  • Scoochie Smith (Dayton)
  • Trey Landers (Dayton)
  • Vee Sanford (Georgetown & Dayton)

Coaching Staff:

  • Jeremiah Bonsu (GM, Asst. Coach)
  • Joey Gruden (GM, Head Coach)
  • William Parrott (Asst. Coach)


  • Dayton, Ohio

Team MVP: Scoochie Smith

Scoochie Smith, the brother of Malachi Smith, for the more current fans, is one of the most prolific players in Dayton basketball history, running the show from the point guard position. He can find open players, score when needed, and become a game manager. Having game managers in TBT is extremely important so Smith will be the key to success for the Red Scare. 

Make-or-Break Player: Darrell Davis

In last year’s loss to Category 5, Davis scored 29 points, while the next highest scorer in that game who will be on this year’s roster was C.J Walker with 7 points. Having a lead scorer is very important in the TBT, and this year, the Red Scare brought in more guys who could support him. As long as Davis is scoring, the Red Scare should be able to move on and win some games.

Team Outlook:

This Red Scare team brings in some massive big pieces in Smith and Kousta Koufas, the former NBA veteran. They have home court as mentioned and a guy at every position who can be an impact player. 

They sit in a difficult region, with former champions Golden Eagles sitting at the two seed, and The Money Team, led by Jimmer Fredette as the one seed. First, they take on the 6 seed Citi Team, as they look to improve on their 5-3 all-time record.