Monthly Archives: October 2020

Can College Basketball Have Fans This Season?


With college basketball a little over a month away, it’s time to start turning our heads as to how it will be played. We are starting to see schedules being formed, inter-team scrimmages but one question is still left to be answered, will there be fans at these games? To put it simply, the answer should be no. Even though

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NCAA Division I Council Recommends legislation for name, image and, likeness

The NCAA has taken another step closer to allowing student-athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness. The Division I council recommended legislation to be voted upon in the next legislative cycle.  The NCAA has been slow to respond to the call for athletes receiving payments for play since they were placed under pressure after California Governor Gavin Newsom

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Men of Honor – The Top Ten Men Who Mean The Most To Their University In College Basketball

Today is a day of honor. It’s not Thanksgiving. It’s not Labor Day. No… it’s not even Election Day. Today is National Coaches Day. Why is that a most honorable day? For many athletes around the country, it is a day that would be most like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. How would I correlate a day like National Coaches

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