Ohio 1804

After making their debut last year, Ohio 1804 is coming in as a 7-seed and looks to make it farther this time around.

Aaron Fuss is coaching Ohio 1804. Fuss brings years of coaching basketball experience, most recently having stepped down from Kent State this year. The Ohio-themed team has the talent, but it’s up to them to deliver.

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Ohio 1804 Roster:

  • Antonio Campbell (Ohio University)
  • Jaylen Key (Northern Illinois & University of New Orleans)
  • Jordan Barham (Davidson)
  • Kevin Mickle (FGCU and Ohio)
  • Mike Laster (Ohio University)
  • Ryan Taylor (Northwestern, Evansville, Ohio)
  • Stevie Taylor (Ohio University)
  • Teyvion Kirk (Ohio & UIC)
  • Tommy Schmock (Ohio University)
  • Troy Simons (New Mexico & Kent State)

Coaching Staff:

  • Aaron Fuss (Head Coach)
  • Kenny Brown (General Manager)
  • Paul O’Connor (Assistant Coach)
  • Sean Sims (Assistant Coach)
  • Jaaron Simmons (Player Development)


  • Dayton, Ohio

Team MVP: Troy Simons

Troy Simons wants to bring the noise for Ohio 1804. He has a solid 3-point shooter, strong driving skills, outstanding ball-handling skills, and a nose for the ball. Simons knows how to break up plays and has some speed to separate and get the easy buckets. He can take pressure off the rest of the team and feel like his experience will be a huge benefit, especially Teyvion Kirk. I am curious to see if they play both of these players or if they are interchangeable, as both can shoot the ball well. Kirk, barely coming out of college, had a solid stat line. He has taken a year off from the game, so if he can pick up, these two could cause severe issues from inside and out.

Make-or-Break Player: Jordan Barham

The 6’5 forward will likely be the player opposite of Troy Simons. He will need to knock down shots and facilitate. These two gravitational forces will need to bring on the younger players and pull defenses out. Barham will be a vital leader and ball-handler at a professional level in France. He is an intelligent shooter, and while he isn’t known for knocking down 3-pointers, he does have the ability. Ohio 1804 will need him to knock down 3-pointers to provide the step-up above other teams.

Team Outlook:

Ohio 1804 will take on the Golden Eagles in the Dayton Regional. These former Bobcats are hoping for a solid showing from their fans in Dayton. Having a dedicated coaching staff, I am curious to see how this team does. They have a tough draw in a former TBT Champion. The Golden Eagles are two years removed from their championship but boast a 22-5 tournament record. The young Ohio 1804 team will need some help from their coaching staff and some luck to get past this dynamic team.