Jordan Goldwire

Jordan Goldwire is heading into his senior year. He has been the cornerstone of Duke’s defense for the past two years solidifying himself as a great defender in the nation. 

Jordan Goldwire has grown a lot over the last four years; in his freshman season, Goldwire has played 8 minutes per game. Sophomore year, he shot 3/25 from beyond the arc, which is 12% from the field; again he wasn’t the best player at Duke. Junior year was his year, averaging 24 minutes per game and shot 17/48 (35%) from three. For being the 8th man in the rotation, Goldwire shot better than Wendell Moore and Alex O’Connell. 

Goldwire and Reddish celebrate after a 23 point comeback against Louisville. via

Flashback to 2019, Duke was down by 23 against Louisville and Goldwire went into the game just to get minutes, but he had another idea. With Tre Jones with him applying the press, that’s when rides turned. At 6-2, he applied quickness and pressure against Louisville. Even down by that much, he still gave heart which led Duke to the victory. Goldwire finished the game with 0 points, 2 steals, and 2 rebounds in 12 minutes. After the game, Duke coach, Mike Krzyzewski, said that Goldwire had the “best look” out of everyone on the bench. 

Goldwire and Coach K. via

In an interview, Goldwire said that his success comes from “I just think growth, on and off the court. Work. A lot of things. More minutes, confidence. I think it’s a lot. Playing for Duke is very special. Not a lot of people get this opportunity, so I’m just trying to soak it all up and make the most of my time here.”

His success from last season will only carry over into his Senior year. His leadership on the court, directing players where to be at all times and he has also been a spark on offense. Goldwire may not average a lot of points like past Duke players, but just contributing to igniting a run only pushes the team further. His heart and drive could possibly make him a team captain next season. Good things are to come for Jordan Goldwire.

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