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Ranking the Top Programs of the 21st Century #100 – # 76

Making the top 100 is an amazing feat. While all of these teams have had years of success, many have still had down years that inhibit further progress in the rankings. The 19 years being covered allows lots of time for teams to have down years and still make a name for themselves. Some are on the rise, while others

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Former Hofstra guard Cornelius Vines says how basketball ‘matured him’; will play for Syracuse Stallions

Cornelius Vines, a guard who most notably played for Hofstra from 2008 to 2010, will be continuing his professional basketball career with an expansion ABA team, the Syracuse Stallions. Vines, a 6-2 guard originally from Syracuse, transferred to Hofstra in 2008, and quickly became a scoring option.  He averaged over 10 PPG in his first year, hitting over 33% from

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What if players had to stay all 4 years? This is who would’ve won the 2018 NCAA Tournament

Let’s be honest.  The NCAA would never actually do this.  Sure, the competition would be amazing.  It could alter the entire sports landscape.  However, it would be such an outlandish idea, that it is merely fun to think about… which is just what I did.  Instead of doing every single division 1 team, I went through the top 40, and

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