Clemson dismantled Auburn, 84-43, to advance to the sweet sixteen. Clemson’s victory was aided by a 17-0 run in the first half.

This game was just a blowout. Auburn trailed by 41 with 11:38 to go in the second half and only shot 26% from the field. Clemson outplayed their fellow tigers, shooting 47% and 39% from behind the arc.

Clemson was led by Gabe DeVoe who scored 22 points. Elijah Thomas added on a double double featuring 18 points and 11 rebounds. Auburn’s high scorer was Mustapha Heron, who put up only 12 points on a measly 3-10 shooting night.

Clemson easily advances to the sweet sixteen where they will face top seeded Kansas. Auburn’s surprisingly successful season now comes to an end, and Bruce Pearl will look to carry the tigers success into 2019.

By Samuel Bass

Writing sports, college basketball, ACC hoops