Best Virginia

Playing in front of a home crowd, Best Virginia looks to assert dominance and show they are in the best of the best tier.

Despite some talented teams, Best Virginia has yet to crack the late rounds of the TBT. This year, with some talented guys and a solid coaching staff, Best Virginia has what it takes to show off in front of the home crowd and show that they earned that one seed.

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Current Roster:

  • D’Angelo Hunter (Nicholls State, WVU & Navarro College)
  • Devin Ebanks (West Virginia)
  • Jamel Morris (Glenville State & Fairmont State)
  • Jaysean Paige (West Virginia)
  • Jermaine Haley (West Virginia)
  • John Flowers (West Virginia)
  • Juwan Staten Sr. (Dayton & West Virginia)
  • Kevin Jones (West Virginia)
  • Tamon Scruggs (West Virginia Institute of Technology)
  • Tanner McGrew (West Virginia Wesleyan College)
  • Teyvon Myers (West Virginia)

Coaching Staff:

  • Greg Richardson (GM)
  • James Long (Head Coach/Player)
  • Dave Tallman (Asst. Coach)
  • Jevon Carter (Asst. Coach)

Team MVP: Devin Ebanks

They are very few players in the TBT with a championship, but Ebanks is one thanks to his ring with his overseas team just a few months ago. One thing we know is he will bring his winning DNA to Best Virginia. He can score in bunches, and control the tempo in a game. He is also a plus defender, and at 6’9 can really be a difficult matchup on both ends of the floor,

Make-or-Break-Player: Jermaine Haley

Haley served as a solid all-around player while at West Virginia, but since going overseas has been great. He’s been scoring on all three levels and has shown that we might see a little more now than when we saw him in college. If he can stay hot, then having a scorer with a size like Haley can be much needed. If he stays as a mostly decent all-around player, that will be fine but if he can become a go-to scorer then Best Virginia’s opponents will pay.

Team Outlook

Best Virginia wishes that assistant coach Jevon Carter was on the court but will be happy to see him on the sidelines as well. The matchup to watch is a potential second-round matchup between Best Virginia and Herd That, which is sure to be a nail-biter if it is to happen. Having the home crowd will always be beneficial, and it’s up to Best Virginia to take advantage.