Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded is looking to make a splash in its first year.

This team comprises former members of the AAU program “Team Loaded.” This team includes a few overseas professionals, recent NCAA graduates, and even a couple of players that played in the G-League. Fully Loaded is made up of a mixed bag of talent and raises awareness of its AAU program.

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Fully Loaded Roster:

  • Aaron Carver (Old Dominion)
  • Curtis Jones Jr. (Indiana, Oklahoma State, & Penn State)
  • Du’Vaughn Maxwell (High Point & Hampton)
  • Jamar Abrams (East Carolina)
  • Jon Axel Gudmundsson (Davidson)
  • Malik Johnson (Canisius College)
  • Maurice Carter (Robert Morris)
  • Mike’l Simms (VCU)
  • Reggie Williams (VMI)
  • Walter Williams III (Virginia State)

Coaching Staff:

  • Curtis Jones (General Manager)
  • Reggie Williams (Head Coach)
  • Lamare Pearson (General Manager & Assistant Coach)


  • West Virginia

Team MVP: Reggie Williams

Reggie Williams is a vital part of this team as a veteran player in various leagues. His court awareness allows him to find open space for open shots. He creates shots, can drive, pull, and knows how to play off of his defender. Beyond that, he has excellent court vision. He can find the open man and create shots for others. The only issue is that he may be rusty as he hasn’t played basketball for a couple of years. His experience and maturity will be an asset for Fully Loaded.

Make-or-Break Player: Malik Johnson

Fully loaded is lucky to have Malik Johnson to run the point. Not only can he score, but he distributes and moves the ball well. He is shorter, which could hurt him as many guards that match up with him will have more length. Johnson can shoot 3-pointers, but he prefers to create space and take the two. Historically, the teams that dominate the basketball tournament are the ones that put up points with a downpour of 3-pointers. If he is neutralized on scoring, Fully Loaded will rely more on other players to score. He is also a younger player, and some of the tricks from these more experienced players on other teams could be another issue for Malik Johnson.

Team Outlook:

Fully Loaded received a friendly draw as they go against another younger team that played well last year for the Bucketneers. The Bucketneers are returning to the West Virginia Regional, and the familiarity could be an issue for this Fully Loaded. The Bucketneers are also returning much of their same roster from last year, so Fully Loaded will have to step up and try to wear down their opponents. With Fully Loaded wanting to make a run, The Bucketneers are hoping for a misfire.