Let’s play ‘HNDLE’, the CBB Review word game.

Inspired by our friends over at Sox on 35th, and a Tweet by our own contributor, Ariel Puterman, we decided it was time for a college basketball word game.

So we came up with ‘HNDLE’, of course, an abbreviation of ‘handles’, something most of you playing this game probably lack!

Here’s how it works:

  • You know how to play WORDLE, but you have six tries to guess the word of the day.
  • DM us a screenshot of your HNDLE and we’ll add it to our leaderboard, updated at the end of each day.
  • Don’t spoil it! It’s just a fun game to test your college basketball knowledge.
  • Topics include player names, team names, coaches, mascots, arenas – you name it. And you’ll always get a clue.


Topic: Coach

Clue: An all-time legend.


HNDLE Leaderboard

College Hoops Breakdown@CHoopsBreakdown2
ACC State Fan@statezfann1
Bryan Mauro@threecolorbeard1
Scott Blanchard@scott0898131