Corey Kispert

Final Four Picks

Ariel Puterman: Gonzaga, Virginia, Baylor, Kansas

George Hathaway: Duke, Villanova, Iowa, Gonzaga

Mat Mlodzinski: Villanova, Iowa, Creighton, Gonzaga

Matt Karner: Baylor, Villanova, Gonzaga, Virginia

Matt Waldman: Gonzaga, Villanova, Wisconsin, Virginia

Nick Musial: Gonzaga, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee

Nikhil Binny: Iowa, Creighton, Illinois, Villanova

Sam Bass: Baylor, Iowa, Villanova, Oregon

Shannon Boy: Villanova, Virginia, Texas Tech, Gonzaga


Three Sleepers

Ariel: Florida State, UNC-Greensboro, Arizona State

George: Creighton, Providence, UCLA

Mat: Memphis, Seton Hall, Rutgers

Matt K: Saint Louis, Richmond, Loyola-Chicago

Matt W: St. Bonaventure, South Carolina, UNLV

Nick: Houston, Arizona State, UCLA

Nikhil: West Virginia, Rutgers, Stanford

Sam: Louisville, Rutgers, Memphis

Shannon: Baylor, Houston, Wisconsin


Bold Prediction

Ariel: A 10-seed or lower makes the Elite Eight.

George: Arizona will finish in the top-15.

Mat: The season won’t make it past December 10th without an overall suspension.

Matt K: Be ready for May Madness. Rick Pitino mentioned it before but it seemed the NCAA was not considering it. It is too costly for the NCAA and its member institutions to not have the NCAA tournament again and with the rise in numbers of teams being halted because of Covid-19, it is looking more and more likely that March isn’t going to work. The good news is there is still time to have a contingency plan, unlike the abrupt end that was seen last season.

Matt W: At least one team with a record under .500 will make the NCAA Tournament this season.

Nick: No Big Ten teams make it to the Elite Eight.

Nikhil: No 1-seeds make the Final Four this year.

Sam: The Big 12 will have the most tournament teams, but Baylor will sweep Kansas and win the league outright.

Shannon: With no fans in the stands watch for more upsets than ever before in the early rounds. Maybe even a 16-seed over a 1-seed.