First off, and most importantly, Happy Thanksgiving folks! All of us here with CBB Review hope you are enjoying the day with family, friends, and loved ones. Thanksgiving cannot be complete without a feast, so here is who we would have at our dinner table!


With some recommendations from our team, we plan on having a full table… and an entertaining table. Our guests would include Bill Walton, Dick Vitale, Bill Raftery, Grayson Allen, and Michael Graham.

At each end of the table, legends Bill Walton and Dick Vitale. Some people call the ends the head and the foot of the table… you can decide who sits where. Bill Walton and his jokes alongside Dick Vitale screaming, “OOOOHHHHH” when he digs into the thanksgiving food would start off the night perfectly.

One of the key sides during Thanksgiving is stuffing. While we make our stuffing, we plan on adding extra onions just for Bill Raftery. Imagine how happy he would be if he could double order some onions during Thanksgiving dinner.

Throughout the Thanksgiving festivities, it is normal for some members at the party to get into an argument. That is why we are inviting Grayson Allen and Michael Graham! A subtle trip from Grayson Allen if someone tries cutting in line for rolls and a swing from Michael Graham when someone takes the last slice of pie is what we are looking forward to.

Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with family and friends and eat as much food as you can!

CBB Review

By Collin Speicher

Sophomore at the University of South Carolina. Broadcast and Journalism Major. SEC Writer for and Producer/Host of "DoYouAgree?" Sports Talk Show.