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Ranking the Top Programs of the 21st Century: #150 – #101

What does Boston College, Baylor, Texas A&M, USC, Cal, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and Florida State have in common? Many may say that they are high major programs, or that they have been somewhat successful, or even that they are a well-known program. However, their true similarity is an unfortunate one: they all suffer from blue blood syndrome. Blue blood

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SEC Poised to Take Over College Basketball

Collin Speicher, NCAAMReview Author With college basketball right around the corner, teams are starting to prepare themselves for the 2017-18 season. Coming away from last season’s March Madness, there are new faces that we should keep an eye on, particularly in the SEC. As always, the juggernaut in the SEC is Kentucky. Constantly bringing in Top 50 recruits is one

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