Sideline Cancer

One of the better causes in the tournament reloads as Sideline Cancer looks to win it all. 

Working for a worthy cause, Sideline Cancer has had some notable moments in TBT history, including a run to the championship game in 2020. Out of all teams participating in 2023, Sideline Cancer has the 4th-most victories all-time with 14. 

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Current Roster:

  • Braylon Rayson (Central Michigan)
  • Chris Coffey (Georgetown College)
  • Dominique Jones (South Florida)
  • Eugene German (Northern Illinois)
  • John Florveus (Georgia)
  • Keith Braxton (St. Francis PA)
  • Marcus Keene (Youngstown State and Central Michigan)
  • Michael Finke (Illinois and Grand Canyon)
  • Mike Daum (South Dakota State)
  • Nick McGlynn (Drake)
  • Tyrese Rice (Boston College)
  • Will Wise (Dominican University)

Coaching Staff:

  • Billy Clapper (GM)
  • Charlie Parker (Head Coach)
  • Jordan Griffith (Asst Coach)
  • Marc Hughes (Asst Coach)
  • Cathy Griffith (Booster)
  • Matthew Crawford (Booster)


  • West Virginia

Team MVP: Marcus Keene

Keene, a college legend at Central Michigan, has been one of the top performers at TBT since joining Sideline Cancer. The team’s primary point guard, Keene has the ability to score at will or find his teammates for an easy basket. That’s the duality of Keene, making it just as difficult for the opposing team if they double-team him compared to a simple man-to-man. 

Keene has always brought his best game to TBT, and at just 28 years old, he’s still in his prime. He was our pick for team MVP last year, and will continue to be until the year he decides not to participate. Sideline Cancer will always be a threat as long as Keene plays.

Make-or-break Player: Dominique Jones 

A former first-round NBA draft pick, Jones won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks his rookie season before eventually finding a star role in the Chinese Basketball Association. His best season so far came in 2021 where he averaged 38.2 PPG for Jilin Northeast Tigers. Imagine a backcourt with Keene and Jones in TBT. That’s a hard duo to stop, and I’m not sure another team has the defensive mettle to stymy both. 

Jones would be the MVP of almost any other team this year, but since Keene steals the show, Jones is Sideline Cancer’s make-or-break player. Sideline Cancer has gotten so close to winning the title before, and Jones and get them over the hump. He’s got 6 inches on Keene, standing at 6’4”, so opposing teams will have to get creative in stopping Jones. 

Team Outlook

Sideline Cancer slots in as the 2 seed in the West Virginia regional, playing Ram Nation, the VCU alumni team in the first round. A win there would set them up with either Challenge ALS Florida or Dawgtown, and I like their chances. An argument could be made that Sideline Cancer is the most talented team in the region or even the field. 

It’s impossible to overlook Mike Daum, a top-10 career NCAA leader in points, or Tyrese Rice, who, at 36, still has the skills that made him EuroCup MVP and an overseas legend. Keve Aluma brings some youth to the frontcourt, and most viewers should remember him from Mike Young’s first two seasons at Virginia Tech where he averaged 15.2 PPG in 2020-21. 

Even more youth in the frontcourt is provided by Nick McGlynn, former MVC defensive player of the year at Drake. Sideline Cancer checks all the boxes; talent, youth, motivation, and team chemistry are all present for this TBT mainstay. They’re my pick to win the West Virginia regional.

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