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Former TBT champion Boeheim’s Army will try and join Overseas Elite as the only other team with multiple championships.

Boeheim’s Army was on top of the TBT world in 2021 but watched a different team from Upstate New York take home the title last season. The majority Syracuse alumni team will try and win a second championship in three years.

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Current Roster:

  • Andrew White III (Kansas, Nebraska, & Syracuse)
  • BJ Johnson (Syracuse & La Salle)
  • Chris McCullough (Syracuse)
  • DeAndre Kane (Marshall & Iowa State)
  • Dwight Buycks Jr. (Indian Hills CC & Marquette)
  • Grant Riller (College of Charleston)
  • Jamil Wilson (Marquette & Oregon)
  • Jimmy Boeheim (Cornell & Syracuse)
  • Jordan Roland (Northeastern)
  • Justin Robinson (Monmouth)
  • Malachi Richardson (Syracuse)
  • Pascal Chukwu (Syracuse)
  • Rakeem Christmas (Syracuse)
  • Tyus Battle (Syracuse)

Coaching Staff:

  • Ryan Blackwell (Head Coach)
  • Shaun Belbey (GM)


  • Syracuse, New York

Team MVP: Tyus Battle

It’s the first time Battle will be playing in TBT and there’s no better time. Players like DeAndre Kane and Chris McCullough have been integral for Boeheim’s Army over the past few tournaments, but Battle should bring some much-needed energy. Last year’s team fell flat, losing in the round of 32, so they needed a boost to bring some swagger back. Battle is beloved by Syracuse nation and should feel that by the home crowd during the Syracuse region. It’s a very deep roster, but I see Tyus Battle becoming a leader on this year’s version of Boeheim’s Army.

Make-or-break Player: Dwight Buycks Jr.

Buycks is a Golden Eagles legend, playing for his Marquette alumni team from 2016-2017, and 2019-2022. This time around, he’s a part of Boeheim’s Army, which Syracuse fans should be happy to see. Buycks nearly stopped them from winning the title in 2021, dropping a cool 22 points in a 4-point loss.

The question about Buycks – who played 49 games in the NBA – isn’t on talent. Rather, it’s whether or not he can adjust to playing with a whole new team. Chemistry is key in TBT because teams get very few practices before tournament play starts. If Buycks can gel quickly, he will be a major piece for Boeheim’s Army in 2023.

Team Outlook

Boeheim’s Army did what they needed to do to try and avenge last year’s early exit in The Basketball Tournament. Shaun Belbey found a way to bring back past talent and combine it with some fresh faces like Battle, Buycks, and his fellow former Golden Eagles teammate, Jamil Wilson.

Syracuse fans may not recognize every player on this year’s roster, but 8 of the 13 players did go to ‘Cuse at one point in their college careers. It should make for a competitive team that Orange Lifers can enjoy and reminisce about while watching.

There’s also a reason why Syracuse is a host region. Boeheim’s Army may have fallen short last TBT, but it’s a new year, and they’re out for revenge.

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