Brad Underwood, Illinois Fighting Illini

CBB Review’s Ethan Carbone goes in-depth on the top 30 college basketball recruiting classes. Next up are the Illinois Fighting Illini who come in at 10.

The Illinois Fighting Illini bring in the 10th-ranked recruiting class according to 247Sports Composite rankings. This includes point guard Skyy Clark (33rd), power forward Ty Rodgers (54th), combo guard Jayden Epps (72nd), and shooting guard Sencire Harris (110th). 

What does each player bring?

Skyy Clark: 6-3 point guard

Clark comes into Illinois as the former #1 overall point guard before an injury which he is now healed from. He has an excellent athletic side to him which he uses to speed past defenders and sometimes even jump over them. A true scoring point guard, Clark can shoot from anywhere on the court.

Clark will start as the point guard for the Illini Fighting Illini and he will be a focal point of their offense. For a career projection it’s likely he doesn’t stay more than two years at Illinois as he will head to the draft however if he does stay he has potential to be one of the top players in Illinois hoops history.

Ty Rodgers: 6-6 power forward

Rodgers is a guy who doesn’t need to score to be happy nor to make his presence shown on the court. Rodgers can score easily driving to the paint or using his grown body to move defenders out of the way. He passes like a point guard and has the ability to see the court like no other. On defense he is able to lock down the 1-5 as well as stuffing the stat sheet if need be.

As a freshman he will come off the bench as a solid piece but by time he’s a senior he will be a very impactful glue guy.

Jayden Epps: 6-2 combo guard

Epps is a perfect scoring guard who will punish defenders if they leave him open beyond the arc. He hits open jumpers and treats the mid range shot like his old friend. However, his best offensive skill is driving to the hoop for easy layups. As a defender realistically he can guard players that play the 1-3.

As a freshman he will come off the bench as a crucial guard role and by time he’s a senior he will be a lead guard for the Illinois Fighting Illini.

Sencire Harris: 6-3 shooting guard

Harris comes into Illinois as a pesky player to defend as with his speed he is able to get past defenders with ease. Harris excels at defense, locking up opposing guards and forcing them to make mistakes.

He comes in as a player who will get minutes as backup guard who will make an impact. Eventually he will become part of the heart and soul of the Illini.