After going one and done last year, HBCUnited returns looking to make a deep run in the TBT.

The roster compromised of players from various HBCU universities looks young and energized, which is a great sign heading into the tournament. Playing in Rucker Park, this team is sure to gain an audience.

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Current Roster:

  • Amir Smith (Hampton)
  • Bakari Copeland (Charleston Southern & University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
  • Brandon Tabb (Bethune-Cookman)
  • Derrik Jamerson (Norfolk State)
  • Devante Carter (Norfolk State & Nicholls State)
  • Jeremy Combs (North Texas, LSU, & Texas Southern)
  • Jermaine Marrow (Hampton)
  • Malique Trent (TCU & Hampton)
  • Phil Carr (Morgan State)
  • Thomas “Snacks” Lee (Jackson State)
  • Tiwian Kendley (Morgan State)

Coaching Staff:

  • Jake Brown (GM, Asst. Coach)
  • Robert Jones (Head Coach)
  • Steven Whitley (Player, Asst. Coach)


  • Rucker Park, New York

Team MVP: Jeremy Combs

During his time at Texas Southern, Combs took home the SWAC player of the year award averaging 17.6 PPG and 9.3 RPG. At 6’7, he doesn’t necessarily have the size of a big man but knows how to take advantage of his opponent and get to the basket. He continued his dominance after college as well, leading his team in scoring. Combs could go down as one of the most underrated players in this tournament and will be much needed for HBCUnited.

Make-or-break-player: Tiwian Kendley

In Kendley’s final season in college, he averaged 26 points per game, a crazy scoring output night in and night out. Having a guy who can score at will in the tournament is massive, so if Kendley is able to do that then the sky is the limit for what this team can do. If the shot isn’t falling, HBCUnited has other guys who can score, but no one has that takeover ability that Kendley has, which can really hurt especially if they are trailing when the Elam Ending number is set.

Team Outlook

Everyone watching HBCUnited is hoping we get to see “Snacks” Lee gets some minutes. If he knocks down a three, the momentum won’t be matched by Skip to my Lou, their first-round opponent and that could lead to success for HBCUnited. Rucker Park is no easy task to play at, and only the strongest will make it out, something that HBCUnited feels confident they will be able to achieve.