Oregon basketball, Will Richardson

An impressive offensive performance helped Oregon basketball keep the Mustangs in check.

Oregon basketball held a 15 point lead at the half. SMU would go on numerous runs throughout the game but Oregon’s offense put on a show all night. The Ducks held onto their lead for the entire second half, making sure SMU’s morale was down the entire second half as Oregon closed out the game.

Takeaway #1 – Threes are greater than twos

In the first half, the Ducks made 7 of their 12 three-pointers, shooting a much higher 58% rather than SMU’s 29% from 5-of-17 shots from deep. Will Richardson was a huge part making three of three of his shots from deep in the first half to go along with one more in the second.

Both teams made a total of nine threes but Oregon did this on nine fewer attempts, which was by far a key factor. Had SMU been able to make a few more and turn the momentum we could’ve seen a much different game.

Takeaway #2 – Oregon’s end of half screw-ups

In the final five minutes of the first half Oregon basketball just could not hang onto the ball whether it was giving up simple steals, offensive fouls, or poor inbound passing. Probably the one thing you can always criticize is the turnovers and although neither team was perfect, De’Vion Harmon had a couple of charges as well as Oregon as a team with sloppy passes throughout the final five minutes of the first half. SMU nearly cut a 20 point lead to single digits in the final few possessions of the first half.

Towards the end of the second half, Oregon basketball had traveling violations and made a few mistakes that had the game been closer could have been crucial. Overall the Ducks played 30 minutes of near-perfect basketball but the final five minutes in each half were sloppy.

Takeaway¬† #3 – Oregon’s ‘Big Three’

While the top three scorers for Oregon will switch nearly every game it was all Will Richardson, Jacob Young and Eric Williams tonight as they each put up 18, 18, and 19 points respectfully.

Each one of the three dominated an aspect of shooting whether it be the paint presence of Willaims, the three-point shooting from Richardson, or the all-around ability from Young.

These three players have the potential to put up these numbers night in and night out and when these three all have this type of performance it should be a win for the Ducks.