There are a lot of logos among many programs in collegiate hoops, but these are the top five college basketball logos across the country.

5. UConn

The UConn Huskies changed logos in 2013-2014, but the new logo is at number five in our college basketball logos rankings. This new logo is fierce and intimidating. The straight edges of the husky and naturalistic look add to this logo making the top five list. The lighter color eyes make the logo pop out and it even looks like the husky is staring right at its competitor. 

college basketball logos

4. Texas

“Hook em”. The Texas Longhorns come up 4th on the list. It is a very simple design, the silhouette of a longhorn that is colored orange. Everyone sees this logo and when they do see it; they know who it belongs to, The Texas Longhorns. 

college basketball logos

3. Army

Coming in at number 3 in our college basketball logos rankings are the Army Black Knights. The black and gold is a great combination for such an important school. It is great representation to signify those men and women who attend the school to serve for the US Military. The star at the bottom builds on that effect. This knight on the shield looks like a logo for a superhero team. 

college basketball logos

2. Hofstra

At number 2 is the Hofstra Lions. What makes them so unique is that their logo is not one mascot, but two; a lion and lioness. The Pride makes this logo so special and different from the rest. The silhouette makes this logo mesh into one; one team. Blue and white with the yellow outline really makes the colors pop. It is unusual to see a lion blue and white, but it makes it all flow right. 

college basketball logos


At number 1 is the UAB Blazers. It may look like an XFL logo, but the Dragon is the cherry on top. How many college basketball logos have a dragon? Well, UAB does. The color scheme is amazing with the dark green and lighter green matching the background.  The yellow and red accents around the logo make the dragon pop out even more. In general it is a really well designed logo.

college basketball logos

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