Recently, there have been some reports that the NBA has had some talks about pushing the draft back to August at the earliest.

ESPN Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported that all NBA GM’s have been pushing the league offices to move the date back.

What does this mean for college players?

The current deadline for college players to make a decision on whether they will forgo their remaining years or return to college is June 3rd. However, if the draft gets pushed back, the date would likely move to sometime in July. Pushing the NCAA decision date back will give NBA teams more time to talk with players and may give them the chance to do in-person workouts and interviews.

The main issue surrounding this is that the NBA still has not made a decision on the remainder of their season. The NBA will need to make that decision before moving the draft back. Adam Silver announced that there would be no way for the NBA to know how they would be proceeding with the league until at least May 1st.

College athletes will be in favor of pushing the draft back as well. It would be beneficial for them to have more time to discuss their projections with teams and to be able to have the in-person meetings and workouts.

There is still a lot of time before anybody will know anything. However, there will probably be a decision by mid-May on whether they will be pushing the draft back or not.