With an unfortunate and abrupt ending to the season, many high-quality tournament games were not played at all. However, this gives us an opportunity to look at who ended the season strongly on a statistical note. With the amount of games already played for these individuals, it can be strongly said that these would be the most probable outcomes of the statistical rankings even after the NCAA Tournament if it had occurred. 


Points per Game (PPG)

  1. Markus Howard (Marquette: 27.8 PPG)
  2. Jihvvan Jackson (UTSA: 26.8 PPG)
  3. Jermaine Marrow (Hampton: 24.8 PPG)

To point out some bigger names in college basketball…

  1.   Luka Garza (Iowa: 23.9 PPG)
  2.   Jordan Ford (Saint Mary’s: 21.9 PPG)
  3.   Myles Powell (Seton Hall: 21.0 PPG)
  4.   Payton Pritchard (Oregon: 20.5 PPG)
  5.   Obi Toppin (Dayton: 20.0 PPG)

Here we see how Garza has just completely demolished his role as a leader and playmaker on the court as he has increased his PPG by around 3 from December to March. It’s also interesting to see the impact of Payton Pritchard and how he can always be a double-double type player for any team.


Assists per Game (APG)

  1. Kameron Langley (North Carolina A&T: 8.0 APG)
  2. Javon Levi (UT Rio Valley: 8.0 APG)
  3. Zavier Simpson (Michigan: 7.9 APG)

To point out some bigger names in college basketball…

  1.   Marcus Carr (Minnesota: 6.7 APG)
  2. Tre Jones (Duke: 6.4 APG)
  3. Ashton Hagans (Kentucky: 6.4 APG)
  4. Kihei Clark (Virginia: 5.9 APG)
  5. Cassius Winston (Michigan State: 5.9 APG)

Not much in terms of assists per game but it’s clear from what I’ve seen that everyone’s averages has gone down. It’s also good to see Kihei Clark in here and that shows his presence and impact on the court as Virginia has made a strong comeback as of late.


Rebounds per Game (RPG)

  1. Kevin Marfo (Quinnipac: 13.3 RPG)
  2. John Mooney (Notre Dame: 12.7 RPG)
  3. Willie Jackson (Toledo: 12.0 RPG)

To point out some bigger names in college basketball…

  1.   Daniel Oturu (Minnesota: 11.3 RPG)
  2. Precious Achiuwa (Memphis: 10.8 RPG)
  3. Paul Reed (DePaul: 10.7 RPG)
  4. Jalen Smith (Maryland: 10.5 RPG)
  5. Udoka Azubuike (Kansas: 10.5 RPG)

2 All-Americans make this list in Smith and Azubuike and they are constantly making an impact on their team whether its through their leadership or through their rebounding and playmaking abilities.


3 Point Percentage (3P%) (over 175 attempted all season)

  1. Jake Toolson (BYU: 47.0%)
  2. Dru Kuxhausen (McNeese: 45.8%)
  3. Saddiq Bey (Villanova: 45.1%)
  4. Nate Kennell (Bradley: 44.7%)
  5. John Petty Jr. (Alabama: 44.0%)


Steals per Game (SPG)

  1. Juvaris Hayes (Merrimack: 3.90 SPG)
  2. Jacob Gilyard (Richmond: 3.19 SPG)
  3. Fatts Russell (Rhode Island: 2.87 SPG)
  4. Sa’eed Nelson (American: 2.83 SPG)
  5. Isaiah Miller (UNCG: 2.78 SPG)


Blocks per Game (BPG)

  1. Osasumwen Osaghae (Florida International: 3.81 BPG)
  2. Kylor Kelley (Oregon State: 3.45 BPG)
  3. Romaro Gill (Seton Hall: 3.17 BPG)
  4. Hayden Koval (Central Arkansas: 3.06 BPG)
  5. Liam Robbins (Drake: 2.91 BPG)


By nbinny