A statement win for the Baylor Bears as they beat the West Virginia Mountaineers with a score of 70-59. 

The game started off really strong for Baylor as a jumped out to a 14-5 lead against the mountaineers and then with almost 5 minutes left in the half they were up 25 to 10. The Baylor Bears held the Mountaineers to 22 points in the first half which showed tremendous defense against such a tough opponent. In the second half, the Bears kept their lead and ended up winning by 11. 

As expected, Jared Butler led the Baylor Bears in shooting with 21 points with an efficient performance (8-11 and 5-7 from three). Off the bench, Taz Sherman led the Mountaineers with 20 points (6-11 and 5-9 from three). This loss for the Mountaineers really hurts their chances at the Big 12 title and is their second big loss in a row. For the Baylor Bears, it’s a great win that proves their grit and ability to compete against strong defensive teams.

Looking forward, the Bears will look to play their next big game against Kansas next Saturday. Additionally, the Mountaineers will play their next big game against Oklahoma State on Tuesday and they have been on a roll lately, This win for the Bears most definitely solidified their resume as a #1 seed and they should look to perform very well against other teams during the tournament. 


Cover Image Credit: Baylor Bears

By nbinny