Starting all games but one for his Buffalo Bulls, Jayvon Graves asserted himself as a top player on a quality basketball team. He had a great statistical year his sophomore year, putting up about 10 points on great shooting percentages, and all signs are pointing towards that going up even more. Jayvon took the time to answer a few questions from me about this upcoming season, his time at Buffalo, and more.

1) How was the experience of making the tournament in back to back years?

Jayvon: It was a great experience, a lot of people aren’t able to make it to the big dance, so being there has been great but it’s a new year and the goal is to make it back.

2) You improved your stats last year in every category. What was the biggest reason for that?

Jayvon: Hard work, staying in the gym, and more opportunity.

3) What is one thing you’ve been working on this offseason to add to your game?

Jayvon: This offseason I’ve been working on becoming quicker with the ball and just improving those areas.

4) What is one game in particular you’re looking forward to this season?

Jayvon: I’m looking forward to all of the games, but I’d say right now the game vs Harvard in Toronto.

5) With the top two scorers from last year gone, have you set a statistical goal for scoring or any other category?

Jayvon: I’m looking to just be consistent, with so much talent leaving I know the type of role I am going to have and I will definitely be up for the challenge, but no I don’t have any statistical goals set.

6) What made you choose Buffalo?

Jayvon: I chose Buffalo because the style of play and family atmosphere. I also knew every year we have a chance at winner the MAC championship, and family are close enough to come see me play.

7) What have been the best and worst things about being a D1 college basketball player?

Jayvon: The best thing about being a division one player would be having my school paid for free while playing the game I love at a high level. The worst thing I would say the time management part, as being a part student athlete it can become difficult to perform at your highest level in all areas.