Many people have listed him as the best prospect in the world, ahead of the best high school seniors. Well respected recruitment analyst Evan Daniels called him “the most talented freshman he’s ever seen”. He already has offers from the top programs in the country. Meet the most talented 15 year old in recent history, Emoni Bates.

Standing at 6’8, at first look, he looks scrawny and unathletic, not someone who could really impact a game. But, he has embraced his Kevin Durant body type, showing that he can doing anything on the court. Last year, as a freshman, he was named the Gatorade Player of the Year in Michigan after averaging nearly 29 points and 10 rebounds. Remember, he still has 3 more years of high school and he’s already putting up these numbers and winning these prestigious awards. Who knows what his numbers will look like as a senior?

At his height, he has incredible ball handling skills and amazing shooting as well, something people his height tend to struggle with. We also don’t know if he is done growing, so we may see him do what he is doing now, but at 6’11, which would make him virtually unguardable. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

Credit: Courtside Films

As for the next steps after high school, it will all depend on whether the NBA will allow players to go straight to the draft out of high school or not. If he is allowed to go straight from high school, he will be a guaranteed number 1 pick and the future of that franchise. If he does have to wait a year though, the college recruitment will be intense and exciting for Bates.

Already, he has received offers from Kentucky, Michigan State, Florida State, and Michigan. Expect Duke, Kansas, UNC, and just about every other D1 school in the country to join that list by the time he is a senior. He is listed as the top recruit in his class and will make any team he picks the championship favorite. Being from Michigan, Michigan State has jumped out as the early favorite to get him, but Kentucky is also receiving interest.

Now, many of you might have thought I was crazy to think that a 15 year old could compete against the top basketball players in the world. However, with his size and skill set, he is very difficult to guard and is incredibly lanky, making his defense impressive as well. While he wouldn’t be a star or even start at the moment, he could still be a quality player on a team. By his senior season however, expect him to be good enough to be a starter on a contender.

As arguably the top two players from the 2010’s (Lebron James and Kevin Durant) wind down their careers, the future top two players of the 2020’s (Emoni Bates and Bronny James) will step in. Keep an eye out for Emoni Bates, because his fame is only going to grow from here.





Featured image credit: Slam online