Mike Daum has joined a list that literally only two handfuls of college basketball players can say they’re on.  Daum has scored 3,000 points in his illustrious college basketball career.

I got to chat with Daum about his great career:


Me: Describe your growth as a college player from your freshman year until now

Daum: My growth has been tremendous.  From where I was at where I first came in until now I have a ton of people to thank.  Family put me in position to go to college, the strength coach I had, coaches, and players have helped me succeed on and off court.

Me: You joined to 3,000 point club in college basketball.  What can you attribute to that?

Daum: I want to attribute a lot to my coaches and teammates.  My mom taught me how to shoot, and my dad taught me how to have grit to get shots I want, but my coaches and teammates make hard plays for me so I can get good shots.

Me: In terms of South Dakota State, what are your main goals to accomplish as the season winds down?

Daum: I take each day one day at a time and make sure I’m being the best leader I can.  I make sure all the new freshmen are having the best experience they can. We’re a family and we always have each others back.  The goal is to win Summit and NCAA Tourney games but we need to focus one day at a time.

Me: What do you look forward to in the professional game and what will you miss in the college game?

Daum: God willing I’m able to play after college.  I really want to look far ahead, but  I also want to live in the moment.  I’m looking forward to playing professionally, continuing to build relationships with teammates, and expanding more connections with coaches and players in basketball.  Very blessed.

Me: What advice would you give to high-school players with dreams of making it to the next level?

Daum: Put your head down and work hard.  It took me a ton of work and it was not easy.  Sacrificing nights hanging out with friends to spend time at the gym.  Me, my mom, dad, and sister creating routines at the gym and I looked forward to that and had fun.  That helped me get away from anything going on but to hit the gym.