SEC in-conference games begin in a week and there is A LOT to play for. The SEC has FOUR ranked teams and 10 of 14 teams are a 3-loss team or better. If there was no conference play, the question is, who wins the SEC?

Here are your contenders:

#3 Tennessee Volunteers: 11-1

  •            Key Wins: #1 Gonzaga, Louisville, Memphis
  •            Losses: #2 Kansas

#12 Auburn Tigers:

  •            Key Wins: #25 Washington, Arizona
  •            Losses: #1 Duke, NC State

#13 Kentucky Wildcats:

  •            Key WIns: #9 UNC, Louisville
  •            Losses: #4 Duke, Seton Hall

#17 Mississippi State

  •            Key Wins: Hmmm…
  •            Losses: Arizona State


There is one clear winner, and it’s the Tennessee Volunteers. Yes, they lost to Kansas, who was ranked #2 at the time, but they beat Gonzaga and haven’t had any unranked teams defeat them like the other contenders. Can Tennessee carry their momentum into SEC play? Absolutely. They have the strength on the court and on the bench to continue their winning ways. But, everything changes once conference play begins. We’ll see if the Vols can hold their ground for the rests of the season.



By Collin Speicher

Sophomore at the University of South Carolina. Broadcast and Journalism Major. SEC Writer for and Producer/Host of "DoYouAgree?" Sports Talk Show.