The deadline has come, and a few top players have decided that the NBA can wait. After weeks of competing against fellow college players for a chance to be drafted, here are some of the players who decided they’d rather tear it up in college basketball next season.

Luke Maye- UNC

Roy Williams is one happy man after this decision. Maye, who averaged a double double last season, is going to be a huge part of UNC’s offense next season after they already lost Joel Berry. He will team up with Nassir Little, the McDonald’s All American MVP, and give Duke a run for their money when it comes to winning the ACC title.

Tyus Battle- Syracuse

Getting their lead scorer back from last year is huge for the Cuse, who were already bringing back most of last season’s team that made it to the Sweet 16. Battle is the leader of this team, and his experience can help Syracuse become a top team next season. Even though they lost Darius Bazely, Battle’s return is a great way to salvage that.

Caleb & Cody Martin- Nevada

If you like March Madness you definitely know who these guys are. The Martin brothers are two great scorers and controlled this Nevada team that made it to the Sweet 16 last season. Getting them back is huge for a Nevada team that wants to make it that far once again.

Ethan Happ- Wisconsin

For the last 3 seasons, there has never been someone you can count on to get a double double as much as Ethan Happ. Always a constant force on the glass and on the defensive end, getting their leader back is great for a Wisconsin team that’s looking to bounce back from an average season last year.

Jontay Porter- Missouri

His brother Michael Porter will not be coming back to school, but Jontay will get a year to develop his game under his father, the head coach of the Missouri team. Already being tabbed as a late first round pick this year, Porter has the potential to jump into the lottery with a solid year this year. Missouri is stoked to get back one of their top players for next season.

Udoka Azubuike- Kansas

Getting the big man back is a huge bonus to a Kansas team that is favored to win it all next season. Already bringing in one of the top draft classes this season, Kansas will have Azubuike guarding the hoop and catching lobs as they hope to win it all. Expect him to improve his game greatly and jump into the first round next season.

Carson Edwards – Purdue

A big part of the team’s success last season, getting Edwards back is a huge win for Purdue. With the Big Ten getting better this offseason, having Edwards return can give them a chance to compete for the Big Ten title once again.

cover photo via: @marchmadness