I’m sure you’ve all heard it by now.  Multiple coaches are in trouble for paying players to attend their university, hooking potential NBA recruits up with agents, and other things related to fraud.  Clearly, this is not good.  It doesn’t take a brain to figure out the problem going on.  It is fraud, coaches are soliciting kids who aren’t even 18 yet, and it gives the NCAA a negative connotation.  Even worse, the coaches involved could face up to 80 years in prison.  However, what it really affects are the colleges involved.

Auburn, Oklahoma State, Louisville, Arizona, and USC.  Some of the most respected college basketball programs in the nation.  And just like that, BOOM!  An asterisk is placed next to each of these programs due to the shadiness that surrounds them at this moment.  Recruits surely will be wary of attending these schools.  Sanctions will be heavy.  Their coaches will have tainted legacies, and the schools themselves may as well.  However, only time will tell.  Regardless of what happens, these programs have the history and respect to bounce back.  It may just take time.