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Who would have won the 2019 NCAA Championship if players had to stay all four years?

Featured image courtesy of SI.com. Last year, I tried this out for the first time.  A Sweet Sixteen bracket of the best teams in the country – if leaving early wasn’t allowed.  Today we look at the 2019 edition. First a few ground rules and changes.  There will only be 8 teams in this tournament.  I have seeded them 1-8

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How the Pac-12’s Best Have Changed

Kyle Caron, NCAAMReview Author The 2016-17 season saw the Pac-12 fighting for a place as the most dominant Power 5 conference behind the ACC. In a year where both the Big 12 and Big 10 seemed to under perform, the west coast teams were poised to show their dominance on a national scale and they did not disappoint. UCLA, Arizona,

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