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Transfers on the Rise: Is it too much?

In a normal year, we would have crowned a national champion this past Monday. Players would have gone into a game thinking this could be their last and many more would have earned their one shining moment. The 2020 sports world isn’t normal, however. In college basketball, there is a small snippet of what a normal offseason brings as the

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Who Will Win the ACC Tournament?

The ACC once again proved its dominance in college basketball in 2019. Going into the postseason, the ACC currently boasts three of the top five teams in the NCAAM, with an additional two in the AP top 25. Duke, Carolina, and Virginia repeated as top 3 in the ACC, with Virginia and UNC finishing in a virtual tie for the

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Can Virginia Tech Still Contend Without Robinson?

Justin Robinson was injured in a game last Wednesday against Miami and is said to be out indefinitely as the season continues. The Hokies are 1-0 without him with an ugly win at NC State, where they held the Wolfpack to 24 points. The Hokies still however managed 47 themselves. With Robinson out the already short bench becomes even shorter

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The ACC Set to Have Historic Season

Over the past few years, America’s premier college hoops conference has undoubtedly been the ACC. Since the conference expanded in 2014, the conference has sent no less than 6 teams to the big dance and has had only one year where it is not represented in the elite eight. In addition, 2 of the last 6 champions have come from

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