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2021 Recruiting Class: Where Will They Land?

The class of 2021 is exciting and probably will be the most impacted class due to COVID-19. “There’s no spring, so you’re missing out on the spring evaluation period, and that’s often times a couple weeks where high school prospects really emerge.” Said Evan Daniels. Today we are looking at where the Top Recruits of 2021 are going.  Chet Holmgren

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Five Most Passionate Fan Bases in College Basketball

Behind every great college basketball program is a great fan base. What makes college sports so special, especially hoops, is the support the teams receive from students, alumni, and fans around the country. Home court is pivotal in college basketball, and creates an advantage unlike any other in sports due to the passion each fan base brings to games. With

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Best college basketball programs since 2015-2016 A-Z

College basketball teams rise and fall year after year. Keeping a consistent program is a challenge and a struggle and breaking into the ranks of the elite can be even more difficult. Join in as we take a look at the best college basketball programs since the 2015-2016 season from A-Z. Determining what makes a great college basketball program can

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Each College Basketball Recruiting “Bust” Since 2000

As the popularity of the “one and done” keeps increasing in college basketball, people want to keep up with what happens on the recruiting end for teams. This results in a bigger spotlight for players in high school, whether from college recruiters or the media. Since 1998, RCSI has released high school recruiting rankings for basketball, and since then, Rivals,

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Ten teams with added pressure in 2020-21

The 2019-20 college basketball season was as good as a season can get, especially in recent memory.  Next season could be even more intriguing. With no true top team, programs like Dayton and Seton Hall got on the map, while the North Carolina’s of the world had some unforeseen struggles.  Now, with the offseason providing hope for next October, all

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Matty Brackets – 3/12/20

If bolded, team is projected automatic bid. IF BOLDED AND ALL CAPS, TEAM HAS ALREADY WON THEIR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. Midwest (Indianapolis): KANSAS 28-3 (17-1) CREIGHTON 24-7 (13-5) Duke 25-6 (15-5) WISCONSIN 21-10 (14-6) Auburn 25-6 (12-6) West Virginia 21-10 (9-9) Michigan 19-12 (10-10) Florida 19-12 (11-7) USC 22-9 (11-7) Indiana 20-12 (9-11) Stanford 20-12 (9-9) Vermont 26-7 (14-2) New Mexico

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Matty Brackets – 3/11/20

If bolded, team is projected automatic bid. IF BOLDED AND ALL CAPS, TEAM HAS ALREADY WON THEIR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. Midwest (Indianapolis): Kansas 28-3 (17-1) Creighton 24-7 (13-5) Duke 25-6 (15-5) Wisconsin 21-10 (14-6) Auburn 25-6 (12-6) West Virginia 21-10 (9-9) Arizona 20-11 (10-8) Florida 19-12 (11-7) Stanford 20-11 (9-9) Wichita State 22-8 (10-7) LIBERTY 30-4 (13-3) Vermont 26-7 (14-2) Arkon

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SEC Awards and Tournament Predictions

Heading into the season, the SEC was expected to be a stacked conference. Florida was expected to win the SEC by many people after landing transfer Kerry Blackshear Jr. However, Florida fell out of the AP Top 25 rankings early on and never returned. They’re still likely going to make the Tournament, but fans were expecting more from the regular

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