War Ready

After earning their first win last year, War Ready looks to build off that and make a run in Louisville


Let’s look at War Ready’s first three years in the TBT:

2020: 23 point loss in the first round

2021: 27 point loss in the first round

2022: 3 point win in the first round, 3 point loss in the second round.

So, obviously, the resume is quite subpar. However, last year proved that there is momentum around the team and the direction it is going. As their name says, the Auburn Alumni team is always War Ready, and welcomes any challengers in this year’s TBT.

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Current Roster:

  • Antonio Hester (Indian River & Mobile)
  • Danjel Purifoy (Auburn)
  • Horace Spencer III (Auburn)
  • Isaiah Williams (Samford & Georgia State)
  • Laron Smith (Georgia State, Bethune-Cookman, & Auburn)
  • Lotanna Nwogbo (Tulane & Longwood)
  • Mailk Dunbar (Auburn)
  • Michael Ramey (Southern Mississippi)
  • Shaun Willett (Queens)
  • Tay Waller (Auburn)
  • TJ Dunans (Auburn)
  • Zep Jasper (Auburn)

Coaching Staff:

  • Matt Moschella (GM)
  • Tracy Williams (Head Coach)
  • Andrew Johnson (Asst. Coach)
  • Sebastian Mejia (Asst. Coach)


  • Louisville, Kentucky

Team MVP: Danjel Purifoy


Purifoy played in last year’s TBT and was terrific, averaging 10 points per game in the two matchups, including the three above to give them their first-ever victory. He won’t be up big numbers but does all the little things, and that’s almost as important in a format like the TBT with only nine-minute quarters, meaning every second matters just a little more.

At 6’7, Purifoy provides good size as well. He can stretch the floor, shooting 39.1% from deep with Beroe in the Bulgarian league. This will allow space for the rest of his team to create. If they are in a close game around the Elam Ending, which based on last year’s performance looks to be the case, then having a guy like Purifoy is going to be huge. He’s done it already before, so there’s no reason why he can’t do it again.

It appears that Purifoy is out for Game 1, so if they can pull off the upset in the first round, they’ll hope to have him the rest of the tournament.

Make-or-break Player: Zep Jasper

In 2020-2021, Zep Jasper was a star at the College of Charleston, averaging 15.6 PPG, and was named to the CAA All-Defense team. After his big season, he made the jump to Auburn. In his two seasons there, his production dropped mightily going to 5.1 points and now 2.8 points.

So, the question is which Zep are we going to see? Will we see the high-volume scorer who 27 points in a conference tournament game at College of Charleston? Or, will we see someone who takes a backseat and becomes a nonfactor for War Ready. The team will need them out there as they have a really tough first-round opponent, and with the right situations, Jasper can thrive.

Team Outlook

War Ready has quite the uphill battle if they want to go all the way. They start off with The Ville, a Lousiville alumni team in Lousiville. Talentwise, this team is much better than War Ready on paper and they’ll have the home crowd behind them. The confidence level is low, but anything can happen in the TBT. If they manage to pull that off, they’d most likely have to face Eberlein Drive, who are one of the most successful teams in TBT history.

The good news is they have several guys with experience. Purifoy as mentioned earlier has played before, Isaiah Williams will be playing in his fifth TBT, and LaRon Smith will be on the team for the third straight year. Those guys can bridge the gap with their experience and potentially keep this game closer than The ‘Ville would like. One thing we do now is Auburn fans will be loud and proud on social media, cheering their team on win or lose.








Image via @war_readyAU

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