Team Arkansas

One of the better college programs in recent history takes on TBT, from Fayetteville comes Team Arkansas. 


With over a handful of coaches at their disposal, Team Arkansas consists mostly of former Razorbacks with a few outliers. The college Razorbacks have made 3 consecutive Sweet Sixteens in the NCAA Tournament under Eric Musselman, and the TBT variety of the Arkansas program is hoping for similar fortunes this year. 

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Current Roster:

  • Adrio Bailey (Arkansas)
  • Alex Robinson (TCU & Texas A&M)
  • Brandon Wood (Valparaiso & Michigan State)
  • Courtney Fortson (Arkansas)
  • Dustin Thomas (Colorado & Arkansas)
  • Hunter Mickelson (Arkansas & Kansas)
  • Jamal Ray (Louisiana State University – Shreveport & Southwestern Christian & Mountain View)
  • Jarvis Varnado (Mississippi State)
  • Shaun Doss Jr. (Arkansas Pine-Bluff)
  • Sonny Weems (Arkansas)
  • JD Notae? (Arkansas)

Coaching Staff:

  • Monty Patel (GM, Head Coach)
  • Aditya Malhotra (Asst. Coach)
  • Brock Widders (Asst. Coach)
  • Chase Halbrook (Asst. Coach)
  • Daniel Bandy (Asst. Coach)
  • Dawson Yates (Asst. Coach)
  • Kyle Comiskey (Asst. Coach)


  • Wichita, Kansas

Team MVP: Sonny Weems

JD Notae was announced as a signing for Team Arkansas on July 14th but wasn’t listed on the team’s final roster, so there are definitely question marks about his availability. If he plays, he’s the MVP, no doubt about that.

If not, then the title goes to Weems, who many Arkansas fans remember for his tremendous two years with the team back in 2006-08. He’s still a very productive player, competing in the CBA this year and putting up a respectable statline. At 6-6, he should be a difficult player to guard due to his ability to score so prolifically. His three-point numbers tanked last year, so he’ll need to see those improve. 

Make-or-break Player: Shaun Doss Jr. 

Doss is one of the youngest players in TBT this year, having just finished his collegiate career at UAPB. A lengthy guard, Doss stands at 6-5 and can defend the perimeter as well as score from there. He was my pick for SWAC Player of the Year last season, and he could use a strong performance in this year’s TBT to secure an overseas contract. He’s certainly got the skill. 

Team Arkansas can use his length on the perimeter, and a guard duo of JD Notae and Shaun Doss has a major advantage over a lot of TBT backcourts: youth. For what it’s worth, TBT has been getting younger each year. However, this tournament is still built on the backs of players that are past their respective primes. Having young guards is a big plus in this competition. 

Team Outlook

Just like the collegiate Razorbacks, this team has a stout defense, especially compared to other teams in this year’s TBT. Hunter Mickelson and Jarvis Varnado are a sure bet to stop anyone in the paint, and JD Notae, Courtney Fortson, and Shaun Doss are backcourt threats. 

Seeded number 3 in the Wichita 1 region, the team will face Ram Up, the Colorado State alumni squad. A win in the first round would likely mean a matchup with the 2 seed, Purple and Black, the Kansas State alumni team. This is a pretty positive outlook for these former Razorbacks, as I think they should make the 3rd round and could shock as region winners.

Adrio Bailey is a name to watch on the squad and the definition of a glue guy. Sonny Weems and Jimmy Whitt should also contribute, but the starting five of this team may be one of the best in the region.  

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