Rise and Grind TBT

Rise and Grind TBT look to put the TBT on notice in their debut


Rise and Grind TBT is a group of mostly D2, D3, and NAIA players. Only three players had D1 experience: Luke Avdalovic, Lydell Elmore, and Stokley Chaffee Jr. This newcomer will get tested early as it faces the likely favorite in Lubbock in Bleed Green.

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Current Roster:

  • Chris Johnson (Montgomery College)
  • Demarco Dickerson (Siena Heights University)
  • Jeremiah Hill (Savannah State & Valdosta State)
  • Kam Taylor (Seton Hill University)
  • Kevin Bracy-Davis (Davis & Elkins College)
  • Kevion Blaylock (Jacksonville College, Queens, & William Penn University)
  • Kourtney Ware (Kentucky Christian University)
  • Kwame Alexander (Cal St. San Bernardino)
  • Lamonte Thomas (Johnson and Wales University)
  • Luke Avdalovic (Northern Arizona & University of the Pacific)
  • Lydell Elmore (High Point)
  • Rayshawn Mart (Xavier University of New Orleans)
  • Stokely Chaffee Jr. (San Francisco & Tennessee State)
  • David Azure (UTA)

Coaching Staff:

  • Jordan Maka (GM)
  • Ty Ellis (Head Coach)
  • Lavar Johnson (Asst. Coach)
  • Michael Lorente (Asst. Coach)
  • John Hawthorne (Asst. Coach)


  • Lubbock, Texas

Team MVP: Demarco Dickerson

Playing in the Czech Republic -Mattoni NBL, Dickerson averaged 22 points, 2.5 rebounds, 4.5 assists, and 2.5 steals. This is impressive because he played as a guard while being listed as a small forward. Being 6-foot-5, Dickerson’s size will be a massive benefit as he can take it against some of the taller players without needing to be overly creative. While he can shoot 3-pointers, Dickerson’s ability to drive and score will be a massive asset against smaller guards.

Compared to every other player on his team, his stats make Dickerson stand out. Chris Johnson would have been the MVP, if he had played 2022-2023, with slightly better stats. These two running as guards are going to be fun to watch. Both players scoring over 20 points a game and four assists a game in their most recent seasons are impressive and will be difficult to matchup against.

Make-or-break Player: Kevin Bracy-Davis

Kevin Bracy-Davis is the only other over-20-point scorer on Rise and Grind that played this year. While this isn’t a big deal, Bracy-Davis being active and playing basketball in Austria is massive. He will need to step up and be the ying to Dickerson’s yang. Bracy-Davis is more of a 3-point shooter but still makes his hay by driving or pulling up in the paint for an easy two. Going up against a difficult team in the first round, Bracy-Davis will need to show up and find the pace of the game.

He has talent and could cause issues for other teams. Kevin Bracy-Davis scored 20.7 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 1.9 assists in the regular 2022-2023 season for BK IMMOunited Dukes. He could shine for Rise and Grind if he can bring this and apply his skill set to the TBT. Kevin Bracy-Davis is also very capable of making his free throws, which is an area that really can separate teams in TBT.

Team Outlook

Rise and Grind TBT has some natural ability to score. The lack of tape and stats for these players could be a benefit. The numbers available show this team has five players that average over 20 points a game. Nine players average ten points a game. Having that much firepower could be helpful, but this team will also need to mesh and be able to play defense.

The first round is tough for this team as it faces off against a big surprise from last year, Bleed Green. Bleed Green came screaming into TBT with a revamp that took the AfterShocks to the wire in its first season. This team grabbed two wins against good teams and honestly stunned many players unfamiliar with the North Texas alumni team. Rise and Grind will need to get hot shooting and stay hot. Bleed Green likes to play slow and force opposing teams into an uncomfortable grind of a game. Whatever happens, this will be a great experience for Rise and Grind TBT as they look to become a fan favorite.


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