Broad Street Birds

A newcomer to the TBT, Broad Street Birds hopes to take flight.

There is a surprising amount of talent on the Broad Street Birds. However, this team is going to a hostile area and, even more unfortunately, is a member of the AAC, where it faces Wichita State regularly. Playing in the Wichita region is a tough draw. There are multiple shooters on this team, and all have been actively playing overseas or professionally in some capacity.

While this is the first time for these players in The Basketball Tournament, it could be exciting. Another positive notion is that the Broad Street Birds are matched against another first-timer in the Beale Street Boys. Unfortunately, this team will likely face either the AfterShocks or B1 Ballers. Both teams have played for more than two years.

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Current Roster:

  • Alani Moore (Temple)
  • Andrew “Scootie” Randall (Temple)
  • Damion Moore (Temple)
  • Daniel Dingle (Temple)
  • Devondre Perry (Temple & Albany)
  • Jason Thompson (Rider)
  • Josh Blamon (Stockton)
  • Justyn Hamilton (Temple & Kent State)
  • Monty Boykins (Lafayette College & Pittsburgh)
  • Myles Stephens (Princeton)
  • Quinton Rose (Temple)
  • Shizz Alston (Temple)

Coaching Staff:

  • Tony Paris (GM and Head Coach)
  • Jaquar Moorman (Asst. Coach)
  • Shea Avellino (Asst. Coach)
  • Trey Lowe (Asst. Coach)


  • Wichita, Kansas

Team MVP: Alani Moore

This was such a fun player to watch in college, entering the NBA draft in 2020, but he was not drafted. He went overseas and has been a stable player. Moore can score from anywhere on the floor, has a nose for the ball, and is a tough defender. While his size could be an issue standing only 5-10, he is not to be overlooked. This team has some solid shooters, and if this team can limit shots by grabbing rebounds, it will be a tough one to beat.

Make-or-break Player: De’Vondre Perry

With his size, De’Vondre Perry could quickly light up the scoreboard. He is an inconsistent shooter but can compensate for it with hustle play. He is an unselfish player with some bounce that could benefit him. However, if Perry is not ready to play, this team’s run could end early. With so many options on this team, Perry’s ability to score inside and outside the arch is important. His length and ball handling could cause players some issues trying to keep up and defend.

Team Outlook

Broad Street Birds has a solid matchup in the first round. The positive for this team is that these players had at least played with each other in some capacity in college at Temple. Having that common bond and falling back into the grooves is more accessible when the players have played together.

I expect this team to beat the Beale Street Boys but would likely fall to AfterShocks. If this team does get a chance to play B1 Ballers instead, this team would probably leave the TBT with a winning record. Having played together with Quinton Rose, Alani Moore, Monty Scott, De’Vondre Perry, Justyn Hamilton, and Damion Moore makes this team one with a sneaky upside. Adding talent from other Temple teams and some surprising talent could make this team very scary.

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