As all great recruiters say, it’s never too early to start recruiting. These two sons of NBA greats, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade will be playing with each other next year at Sierra Canyon, with hopes of showing off to the scouts that they have what it takes to make it to the next level. Zaire, who will be heading to college next year, is only listed as a high two star- low three star. He currently has three offers, Rhode Island, Nebraska, and Depaul. Bronny, on the other hand, has a lot longer to go, only going to college in 2023. Despite that, he is already being recognized as a 5 star. The media will be on the at all times throughout the next year as college looms, and here is where they will go.

Zaire Wade: 50% Michigan- 33% Marquette- 17% Nebraska

As mentioned earlier he only has three offers, and Nebraska is the only one on my “crystal ball” that has officially offered him. However, his popularity and overall skill will be displayed on the talented Sierra Canyon team. From this, he should be able to increase that number. Coach Juwan Howard and Wade have a solid relationship, which Wade showed by lobbying Howard to be the head coach at Michigan. Since Wade is only a three star, he won’t get many offers from Power 5 schools. Michigan might be the best team that offers him, which will be hard to pass up.

As for Marquette, this would be paying homage to his Dad, who went there back in the day. Marquette could use a player like him, and having Dwayne as a recruiter definitely helps. Nebraska is really only if he struggles this season and doesn’t get any major offers, that would be the best school for him.


Bronny James: 75% Duke- 20% UCLA- 5% Michigan

While there is still long way to go, Lebron and Bronny have shown their love for Duke. Bronny went as far to post a picture of him in a Duke Jersey on social media recently, as seen above. Lebron had the opportunity to be coached by Coach K on the olympic teams, building a bond. Duke are the kings of getting elite talent out of high school and Coach K should be able to seal the prized possession when they time comes.

The only way this doesn’t happen is if Coach K retires before that. If this is the case, UCLA should be the favorite. Bronny currently plays on a school in LA, and Lebron is a Laker. The James’ clearly love Los Angeles, and UCLA is the best option for basketball. If somehow neither of those happen, then Michigan will miraculously snag him. Like Wade, Lebron is a friend and fan of Coach Howard, and Howard will uss that to charm his friend’s son into playing for him.

Featured image: BR Hoops