As March is officially here, basketball starts to get more intense than ever. The SEC has plenty of teams in competition for a seed in this years NCAA Tournament, but how will the conference tournament play out?

Teams automatically in:

Auburn – After an incredible year that no one saw happening, Auburn has a share of the SEC regular season champion and have their first tournament since 2003. Despite injuries, suspensions, and being placed 13th in the SEC at the beginning of the year, the Tigers defined all odds and are heading deeper into March.

Tennessee – After a slow start to the regular season, the Volunteers turned things around and earned a share of the SEC regular season champion. Following their 0-2 start in conference play, Tennessee finished the season 13-3 and earned a spot in the NCAA tournament.






Teams that need to make a run:

Texas A&M – With one strong out of conference win against West Virginia, Weatherspoon and co. would have to go very far in order to make a statement strong enough for the committee. With that being said, Texas A&M would most likely have to reach the championship game. This path means the Aggies must defeat Alabama, Auburn, and Kentucky. They have a 3-2 record against these teams, but with so much pressure on the line, it will be tough for the Aggies to make a run into March.

Mississippi State – Mississippi State doesn’t have a strong out of conference win and a .500 record in the SEC doesn’t help their position either. In order to make a strong statement to the committee, the Bulldogs would have to make the championship game as well. LSU, Tennessee, and Florida stand in their way. They are 0-3 against these teams and don’t have a strong playmaker, the path to March is very short for the Bulldogs.


Teams that will have to wait until next year:




South Carolina


Ole Miss

By Collin Speicher

Sophomore at the University of South Carolina. Broadcast and Journalism Major. SEC Writer for and Producer/Host of "DoYouAgree?" Sports Talk Show.