Matty Brackets, Bracketology

After a crazy weekend, bracketology had to change up a bit.  Nova, Duke, MSU, and UNC headline my one seeds, followed by Miami, Wichita St., Kansas, and Kentucky.

Making big jumps and big falls were Arizona St. to a 3 seed, West Virginia to a 3, Notre Dame down to a 4, TCU to a 5, Arizona to a 5, and Boston College in at an 11.

1st 4 out: Maryland, Clemson, Auburn, Washington

Next 4 out: Kansas St., Providence, Northwestern, Rhode Island


ACC: 11 teams

Big 12: 7 teams

Big East: 6 teams

SEC: 6 teams

Big 10: 4 teams

Pac 12: 4 teams

AAC: 3 teams

MWC: 2 teams

WCC: 2 teams

NCAA basketball tournament bracket with tracker1