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BIG 12 Awards and Tournament Predictions

The Big 12, while may not having a lot of competition, was nonetheless very exciting. The first storyline was the race for first between the two best teams in the country, Kansas and Baylor. Kansas would take that title, but it was Baylor’s to lose for most of the season. The next was, of course, the Kansas-Kansas State brawl involving

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Matty Brackets – 3/11/20

If bolded, team is projected automatic bid. IF BOLDED AND ALL CAPS, TEAM HAS ALREADY WON THEIR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. Midwest (Indianapolis): Kansas 28-3 (17-1) Creighton 24-7 (13-5) Duke 25-6 (15-5) Wisconsin 21-10 (14-6) Auburn 25-6 (12-6) West Virginia 21-10 (9-9) Arizona 20-11 (10-8) Florida 19-12 (11-7) Stanford 20-11 (9-9) Wichita State 22-8 (10-7) LIBERTY 30-4 (13-3) Vermont 26-7 (14-2) Arkon

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SEC Awards and Tournament Predictions

Heading into the season, the SEC was expected to be a stacked conference. Florida was expected to win the SEC by many people after landing transfer Kerry Blackshear Jr. However, Florida fell out of the AP Top 25 rankings early on and never returned. They’re still likely going to make the Tournament, but fans were expecting more from the regular

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