Monthly Archives: February 2020

March Madness: The Crazy Light That Will Shine A Little Brighter This Year

It is said that to have 20/20 vision is to have perfect vision. I think it is very clear and easy to see that nothing is going to be clear and nothing is going to be easy this year in America. Our president is under investigation in the political realm. The baseball world has dealt with teams cheating by stealing

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CBB Review 2019/20 Week Fourteen Rankings

Team (Total Votes) (First Place Votes) Baylor (246) (7) Gonzaga (241) (2) Kansas (226) San Diego State (225) (1) Dayton (205) Louisville (204) Duke (189) Florida State (174) Maryland (161) Auburn (156) Villanova (154) Seton Hall (145) Oregon (121) West Virginia (119) Kentucky (97) LSU (96) Michigan State (90) Iowa (89) Butler (57) Creighton (56) Penn State (49) Illinois (46) Colorado (26) Houston (23)

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