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Should the ACC Regulate Practices During Finals Week?

It’s finals week! Most colleges are taking its first semester final exams all of this week or last, which means most college hoops teams have the week off game wise. However, some teams continue to practice at the same high level as they would on any other week. Every ACC team has at least a week without games, either coming

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CBB Review 2019 Week Seven Rankings

Team (Total Votes) (First Place Votes) Kansas (223) (7) Gonzaga (217) (2) Louisville (189) Ohio State (179) Duke (178) Oregon (174) Kentucky (172) Baylor (162) Virginia (156) Maryland (147) Auburn (138) Dayton (135) Memphis (126) Michigan State (102) Michigan (99) Butler (86) Arizona (78) Villanova (78) Florida State (55) Tennessee (41) San Diego State (39) Washington (25) Penn State (23) Texas Tech (20)

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