The Final Four we wanted to see and didn’t know it

It is hard to believe that another season of March Madness is coming to an end. With discarded brackets, underdogs rising to the top, a Final Four many did not expect and three games left to play in the NCAA Tournament, we have to recognize the talent that these final teams possess. No. 5 Auburn University War Eagles, No. 1 University of Virginia Cavaliers, No. 3 Texas Tech University Red Raiders and No. 2 Michigan State University Spartans will decide who has what it takes in these final NCAA Division I games before the Championship Title can be claimed by one of these four.

These could be two of the most exciting Final Four parings that we never would have seen if Duke University, Purdue University the University of Kentucky and Gonzaga University didn’t fall short of their under ranked opponents. The teams who are here have proven that they have the stamina and mindset to go all the way.

The match up that will be an intense one to view is Virginia and Auburn. In last year’s first-round, the Cavaliers where defeated by No. 16 University of Maryland Baltimore County to end their short lived tournament chance. Just because the Cavaliers are No. 1 just like they were last season doesn’t guarantee they’ll move right into the championship game. In order to finish off this redemption story they have started, Virginia has to go against yet another underdog who is making their first Final Four appearance in the school’s basketball history and second regional title game ever; Auburn University. As one of the biggest surprises this season, Auburn also has the skill of making almost half of their field goal attempts this season from beyond the arc which has given them the sixth-most efficient offense in the country which will play great against Virginia.

On the other side of the bracket is an incredible game where Michigan State, a team who is more than familiar with the Final Four layout will have to do what no other team was able to accomplish and which now seems to be impossible. That is solving Texas Tech and one of the nation’s best defenses. This is how the Red Raiders have remained in this for as long as they have while keep themselves above their opponents on the scoreboard. Blocking shots is what allows them to hold their opponents to a very impressive low shooting percentage inside and out of the arc which plays out nicely for them. Even though they are a low scoring team, no one can figure out the Red Raiders and they have been using this to their advantage the whole regular and post-season. Texas Tech is not known as a basketball school with two Elite Eight appearances back to back, but this is their first ever Final Four appearance just like Auburn and they have a high chance of taking the title.

With two well-seasoned teams, Michigan State and Virginia going against first-time Final Four makers Auburn and Texas Tech, there is no way of telling who will come out the winner of these unbelievable match ups because of the different skill sets each team possess. In a season of upsets and underdogs, predicting something like this would be near to impossible. Excitement is an understatement when describing how viewers must feel about these final two games of the season in regards to who is playing for only two spots left.

Auburn University will go head to head with University of Virginia and Michigan State will try to do what no team has been able to do against Texas Tech on Saturday, April 6th in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the second to last round of the 2019 NCAA Tournament.