North Dakota State Keeps NC Central Away from Round of 64 but Not By Much

Dayton, Ohio was filled with eager fans as No. 16 North Carolina Central University Eagles and North Dakota State University Bison went head to head in their First Four match up. The Bison came out on top 78-74 to move onto Round of 64 where they will take on an unbelievable team.

North Dakota State came out as the dominant force in the 1st half where they held a lead of 40-34. Going into the 2nd, the shots became sloppy which NC Central used to their advantage to gain the lead for a few minutes of the game where they almost held it for long enough to win.

The Bison fouled enough times to the point where it was within seconds of each other and gave the Eagles multiple opportunities to make free throws that would push them further past North Dakota leaving a large gap on the scoreboard.

With a 3-point shooting percentage of 45 for both teams, North Dakota relied on junior Jared Samuelson to sink a few 3s to keep their lead and secure the win to move on.

Senior Raasean Davis for NC Central had 20 points and made most of them from the free throw line which in the end wasn’t the type of shots the team needed. With 23 points, Tyson Ward out shot and outmatched the Eagles to become the overall top scorer First Four math.

North Dakota State will face the unstoppable No. 1 Duke University Friday, March 22nd. In order to get past the Blue Devils, the Bison can’t let a lead go by fouling players. The only way to stay in the game at this point is to make shots, put up a great defense and advance past an overall impressive program that has a chance at winning the NCAA Tournament Championship title.