NCAAM Review Final Four Predictions and More!

It’s finally March Madness!  Each year, our crew puts together our basic projections for the Big Dance.  Without further ado, here are the official NCAAM Review 2019 Bracket Predictions:

Ariel Puterman:

  • Cinderella: Florida
  • Final Four: Duke, UNC, Villanova, Texas Tech
  • Champion: UNC. Roy Williams knows how to win in March and has veteran leaders who can take them there. They have multiple offensive and defensive threats and have what it takes to be champions once again.
Collin Speicher:
  • Cinderella: Belmont
  • Final Four: Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, Kentucky
  • Champion: Duke. With Zion Williamson on the floor, we all know that Duke is the best team in the country. He came back during the ACC tournament and carried the Blue Devils. If Zion is able to stay healthy, and RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish can step up and hit down some shots, this team is almost unstoppable. Coach K gets his 6th.

Jordan Pardo:

    • Cinderella: UC Irvine
    • Final Four: Duke, Florida State, Kentucky, Villanova
  • Champion: Duke. If you can’t beat them, then join them. After a season of betting against the number one overall seed and losing, I have decided I can’t bet against them anymore. The hype is real and they have by far the easiest route to the final four. Even without Marques Bolden this team will win it all.

Mat Karner:

  • Cinderella: New Mexico State
  • Final Four: Duke Gonzaga, Tennessee, North Carolina
  • Champion: Gonzaga. Gonzaga has played one bad game all season long and being at the top of your game in a conference that suffers from success is extremely difficult. The Bulldogs are entering the tournament with a recent loss and can use that loss to remind themselves that they are not invincible. Gonzaga has proven themselves as the only team to beat a fully healthy Duke team all season and did so without Killian Tillie who will just provide more depth to an already stacked team. The Bulldogs are experience and have members on their team who have played in the NCAA Tournament before as well as a Final Four and putting all of this together gives Gonzaga the edge.

Mat Mlodzinski:

  • Cinderella: Buffalo
  • Final Four: Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, Kentucky
  • Champion: Kentucky. UK has improved IMMENSELY since the start of the season, and I see them topping Duke in a rematch from the first game of the season. PJ Washington is virtually impossible to stop down low, Reid Travis and Keldon Johnson provide scoring, and Ashton Hagans is a young Rajon Rondo in the making.

Nick Musial:

  • Cinderella: New Mexico State
  • Final Four: Duke, Gonzaga, Virginia, Kentucky
  • Champion: Duke. Yes they are the odds on favorite, but Zion is a different breed. As long as the Dukies stay healthy, watch out. This team may not have the experienced guard play that championship teams usually have, but Tre Jones can just as easy pull off his best Tyus impression and lead this team to a Natty. UCF will be a tough matchup in round 2, but I think this team has that National Champion feel.

Shannon Boy:

  • Cinderella: Auburn
  • Final Four: Michigan State, Tennessee, Gonzaga, Kentucky
  • Champion: Gonzaga. By a sliim vote I feel that Gonzaga makes it to the promised land. Michigan State in Minneapolis will be a tough task in Big 10 country, but veteran leadership is the one key which helps lead the Zags to a long hard earned National Championship.