Fairleigh Dickinson Ends Their First Four Match With a Come Back

The NCAA Tournament is unlike any other when it comes to underdog stories, set backs and crowned champions which every Division I team longs to be a part of when they step onto the court for their first match of the season. For Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights, the fight continues on after being down 34-41 at the half and making their way back to the top in the second to take down the Prairie View A&M University Panthers 82-76 in Dayton, Ohio.

Fairleigh senior, Darnell Edge, is the one who made the win possible for the Knights after putting up 33 points to make him the leading scorer of the match up between the two No. 16 teams. Gary Blackston, a senior from Prairie View came out with 23 points and 5 rebounds, but not enough to keep the Knights down where they had them in the first half.

Prairie View came out with a good start by making most of their 3-point shots which is what helped them have a small lead to start. Rebounds are what pushed Fairleigh Dickinson out of the shadows and onto the scoreboard and senior, Mike Holloway Jr. led with 14 overall. 

Ready to play in the second half, Fairleigh was more than ready to shoot past Prairie View and win the match, and the numbers they put up prove their intentions. From the beginning, it looked too easy for the Panthers, but a come back is what happened instead.

The Knights prepare to play No. 1 Gonzaga University Bulldogs on Thursday, March 21st, and they will need a more than prepared defense and Edge to put the same numbers he did in this match up if they want a shot with Gonzaga. The tournament is unpredictable and anything can happen, especially with a No. 16 making their way to the top of the NCAA Tournament.