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Who’s in and who has work to do?

With Selection Sunday nearing the corner, it’s make or break time for teams on the bubble.  Some teams are already virtual locks in the tournament, while others have played themselves out of March.  Matty Brackets gives his best look at Power Conference Teams, High Mid Majors, and Mid Majors with great resumes: In order to understand how the best bracketologist

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Matty Brackets – 2/26/19

If bolded, team is auto bid: South: Virginia (24-2) Michigan (24-4) LSU (22-5) Nevada (25-2) Washington (22-5) Kansas State (21-7) Mississippi State (20-7) TCU (18-9) Wofford (24-4) Seton Hall (16-11) Temple (20-7) Clemson (16-11) / Minnesota (17-11) Liberty (23-6) Loyola (Chi) (17-12) Northern Kentucky (21-8) Texas Southern (16-11) Midwest: Kentucky (23-4) Michigan State (23-5) Texas Tech (22-5) Florida State (22-6)

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