The Knights Are Champions!

Today, Sunday, November 18th, the annual Myrtle Beach Invitational championship game took place between the University of Central Florida and Western Kentucky University. Each team went with familiar faces to start the game.

The University of Central Florida Knights started senior BJ Taylor, sophomore Collin Smith, junior Terrell Allen, junior Aubrey Dawkins, and senior Tacko Fall. The Hilltoppers started sophomore Josh Anderson, sophomore Taveion Hollingsworth, junior Jared Savage, fifth-year Desean Murray, and freshman Charles Bassey.

WKU was backed in their strong start by freshman Bassey who scored all 11 points for the Hilltoppers in the first five minutes of play. Soon, however, the Knights had a big-time comeback from the 11-point deficit and left the first half trailing by four.

After half-time, UCF didn’t look back. Aubrey Dawkins had back-to-back three-pointers, and with the help of his performance, the Knights’ score continued to rise. Their lead jumped from two to seven to ten.

The University of Central Florida Knights won the Myrtle Beach Invitational 2018 78 to 62. Aubrey Dawkins of UCF was honored as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament, finishing with 21 points and 5 threes’ in this game alone.

For the Hilltoppers, 6-foot-11 freshman Charles Bassey finished with a season-high 25 points and 10 rebounds. While both teams left everything they had out on the Court tonight, the Knights were the ones who shined the brightest.